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VIDAS, Episcopal Social Services, is a non-profit, community-based institution founded in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico in June 21, 1991. We are dedicated for many years to provide services to children, youth and families in Puerto Rico.


As a non-profit company, we work at the service of the community and specialize in the needs of our society. Particularly where people are living in homelessness because of conditions as they are; child abuse, marginalization of people with HIV / AIDS, people with developmental disabilities and families with limited resources.


We also dedicate ourselves to the care of the elderly, people with substance addiction, attention to food needs and the prevention of mental health disorders and suicide.

about us

The projects of the institution have been diverse and integrated with each other, with the purpose of simultaneously impacting the gamma of needs presented by these families served, and thus increasing the possibilities of transforming effectively and diligently the needs of each participant or person served. Volunteers are worked in the substitute care and home centers, which support their time and talent.

Our organization has been recognized by the Southern Chamber of Commerce, Fondes Unidos de Puerto Rico for its trajectory of services to the community and for the Department of Education for our contribution to create awareness in the nutrition of children from an early age, both in the pediatric care centers as in the Home Shelter. For 15 years, we have carried out a campaign of orientation of NO TO THE MALTREATMENT OF CHILDREN, organizing marches, informative material, and propaganda of orientation to the parents, mothers or those in charge of the minors served and to the community in general.


• Development of the foster home “Hogar San Miguel” for homeless and orphaned
   children affected and infected by HIV/AIDS and which is currently located in new
   modern facilities.

• The develpment of two “Child Care” programs for children at an early age that mostly
   serves women heads of families with low income.

• Young pregnant teenagers were impacted in Loíza, Puerto Rico and have remained
   volunteers attending and guiding other young women in their same circumstances.
   Project: “Canciones de Cuna”

• The development of a project called “Proyecto Bartolo” that consisted of the repair
   and construction of homes for families that were affected by Hurricane María
   in Castañer, Rio Prieto and Bartolo de Lares neighborhoods in Puerto Rico.

• Food Dostribution for people in situations of social and food emergencies.
   Program: “Colmadito VIDAS”

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