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Mission and vision
of servicios sociales episcopales, inc
Our Mission

Our Reason to Be

Is to make visible the Kingdom of God to our children, youth and their families, especially those victims of abuse, poverty, lack of opportunities and other social ills. Achieve through a comprehensive offer of educational, social and health services that advance their human and social potential.

Our Vision

Our Future Projection

To achieve a better society through the protection, support and development of our children and youth most in need, through services of excellence that affirm the Christian values ​​of the Episcopal Church of Puerto Rico.

Our logo

The logo of our institution has a particular meaning in each of its letters:


  • V stands for Vidas: Everything that breathes and flourishes has life, is part of our nature, to preserve the life of everything that surrounds us. The word encompasses a series of concepts of human beings and their environment, directly and indirectly related to existence.

  • I stands for Integrated: When we integrate we become part of something, we add it to our lives.

  • D stands for Dios: (God), The supreme being, the entity that directs our lives.

  • A stands for Action: Because we put into action the words to serve and make an integral part of those lives we serve.

  • S means Service: Serve others, the needy to help them improve their quality of life.


In the upper part the point of the "i" is framed in the blue of the sky, with a cross inside the fire representing the light that brought to the world Jesus Christ when dying on the cross, in hands that lovingly welcome them and it provides protection and support represented in the purity of the target. And on the platform Episcopal Social Services, Inc. as a basis for the service offered to society.