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Colmadito VIDAS

Is a program through a food bank under the administration of Servicios Sociales Episcopales, Inc. (Episcopal Social Services) where emergency purchases are provided to people in the communities who need to meet basic basic needs.

In Puerto Rico there are many people living in a state of food emergencies. Many of these people have hunger problems, they are low-income families in the home, often to the home due to different situations of social evil in everyday life. Mothers and fathers heads and heads of household who do the impossible to get their daily bread so that their children can have something to eat.


Episcopal Social Services has created this program to attend and provide this solidarity service for a better quality of life in the communities. The impactful program on children, babies, homeless, elderly in a state of emergency or homeless, people with emergency situations referred by workers and social workers.


Colmadito VIDAS does not sell or charge for food or necessities or personal hygiene at any time.


The purpose of Colmadito VIDAS is to reach each of these people in the community to assist you with your emergency needs.


Achieve the needs of each person through any food emergency or personal hygiene in the communities. Achieve that no person suffers from hunger.


We are in our campaign to collect non-perishable food and essential items to supply Colmadito VIDAS and help people in a state of food emergencies or who need to meet basic basic needs.


For this reason we request the support of each person to supply our cupboards and to continue this solidarity service for the people of the most needy communities. The collection campaign accepts the following donation methods.


  • Monetary donation: Money which will be used strictly and specifically for the purchase of non-perishable food from Colmadito VIDAS cupboard.​​

  • Donation of non-perishable food: They will be verified and delivered to the most needy people.

  • Donation of items: receive cleaning supplies, baby food, clothes, first aid and personal hygiene.

You can call us at 787-755-0055 or contact us through our emails or

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