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Nuestros Servicios

Our philosophy is based on the belief that children develop better when they are intrinsically involved in their learning process. The learning environment stimulates exploration, initiative and creativity. The activities go according to the development level of the boy, girl and young participant. Identifying the individuality of each child establishes specific individual goals and for the group in general, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses.

Services we offer:


  • Preschool early education for children at high risk or in abuse and children with special needs.

  • Nutrition and distribution of food to parents.

  • Interagency Coordination

  • Evaluation and therapies for children with disabilities in their development.

  • Education and prevention in: Violence, School Dropout, Pregnancy, among others.

  • Residential and training services for abused children.

  • Education for professional parents.

  • Training services for pregnant girls with the aim of preparing them to effectively face their new role as mothers.

  • Academic enrichment services after regular school hours to students of public and private schools in the municipality of Trujillo Alto.

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