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Foster Home

San Miguel

The Albergue San Miguel home, where they reside on 15 male minors under the custody of the Department of Family. These children and young people living in the shelter are cared for and protected in a homelike environment that appeals to family attachment. You work with them from your entry in the areas of: Health, Safety and Academics.


For the 1980 the great epidemic of HIV + (Syndrome of immunodeficiency acquired) arises. By 1990, Puerto Rico was also suffering this fatal epidemic. A lot of people were dying because of this terrible disease. And as always before great calamities are the most innocent. Beings that without reason, suffer the consequences of them. So by 1991, we had many children born (and dying) with the deadly virus.


From the heart, from the love that Christ taught us, committed to the experience of the Holy Spirit and with the desire to continue the apostolate of our Lord Jesus Christ, Father Efraín Ayala and Mrs. Evelyn Romero, were given the task of founding a home for children born with the HIV + virus. These children had no one to take care of them since their parents died and their relatives were dysfunctional, these families were also sick with the virus and were alcoholics; some simply did not want to stay with the minors. In addition to being born with this terrible disease, both they and their little brothers (as) suffered from abuse, both physical and emotional and mental. The basic needs were not met and they lived in a world full of chaos. Do not forget that people were afraid of this disease and there were brave people who dared to take care of these children.


So for the month of April 1994, the Hogar Albergue San Miguel opens, in the facilities of the San Miguel House of the Puerto Rican Episcopal Church, on Calle Estrella # 30 in the same town of Ponce. It is mainly open to assist children affected and infected with the HIV + virus. Children who were victims of child abuse were also received, since as soon as they opened their doors the Department of the Family would refer their cases to us.

With the help and support of the community and federal proposals (Ryan White-Title I, HUD), they begin to offer the basic services that these children needed, as well as support and treatments to help them heal their physical and mental wounds. . They were offered protection and all the help necessary to achieve a good integral development offering specialized services in the areas of physical, mental and spiritual health in a healthy and loving way.

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