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Summer camp
for kids and young teenagers



Summer Camp for Kids and Young Teenagers

  • The main purpose is to help children and young people to grow in maturity immersed in universal values ​​and principles.

  • Provide a program of outdoor activities and recreational, educational and sports purposes in a group and community context.

  • Encourage each camper to acquire skills for this purpose that strengthen the sense of self-esteem, responsibility and cooperation.

  • Create a communication and coordination link between the Institution and the home to prevent child abuse and other family problems.

  • Promote the inclusion of children with special needs.

  • Offer care and development services during the summer through the summer camp modality.

  • Goals

  • Acquire new learning experiences.

  • Develop physical fitness

  • Create citizen awareness

  • Promote values.

  • Maintain optimal health, physical and mental.

  • Encourage community service.

  • Increase the appreciation of the earth and the environment.

  • Strengthen life in groups and communities.

  • Promote the appreciation of the fine arts.

  • Acquire leadership skills.

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  • sports

  • Crafts

  • Theater

  • Talent Show

  • Hidden Treasures

  • Excursions

  • Awards

  • Much more

  • Payment Plan available from May 1, 2019, until June 30, 2019.

  • The first 100 children to enroll, will have a FREE package with surprises.

  • The camp is available for children ages 3 to 14.

  • Camp PROA XXI will start from June 3 to July 19..

For additional information, we are here to serve you by calling:

787-755-0055          787-755-0990          787-675-3700



The Summer Camp, "Camp PROA XXI", has a wide complex of amusements

at the San Justo Center on Carr. 848 Km 1.1 Saint Just Trujillo Alto

in front of the Police Station.

We also have a wide variety of activities, workshops and awards for this camp; between these:


  • Free Breakfast and Lunch

  • Tiendita

  • Campfire

  • Disco Party

  • Goofy Games

  • Dance

  • Modeling / Catwalk

  • Music

Admission Application Sheet:
You can print the document and fill it in to advance the registration process. Delivery from May 8, 2019.

List of Required Documents:

Check that you have all the necessary documents to facilitate the registration process.




Since 1943, summer camps have been organized in the Episcopal Center of San Justo Conferences. According to the late Bishop Francisco Reus Froylán, these camps were called "Summer Conferences" and were originally held in Quebrada Limón in Ponce.


The summer conferences were an experiential experience, sowing of principles, values ​​and positive attitudes. According to Bishop David Álvarez, the conferences were a time to discuss issues of faith, liturgical learning experiences and acolytes. Young people came from all over the Island, since it was the only summer activity for many of them. During the afternoons, the youngsters engaged in different recreational activities.


For the decade of the 60, the transition of the "conferences" begins to become a camp and refocuses towards contact with nature. At the beginning of 1990, the Department of Youth of the Puerto Rican Episcopal Church assumes the task of organizing the camp.


In the year 1996, Servicios Sociales Episcopales, Inc .; has the opportunity to continue organizing the summer camps and inserts a new, more proactive approach with a new name: Camp PROA XXI.


Philosophy of the PROA XXI Camp


Through informal education opportunities we support the integral development of children and youth who are self-confident. This educational process enriches the natural interaction of the individual with his or her environment. Learning is not just about repeating what someone else says; Learning requires thinking and experimenting actively to understand how things work and discover the world in which we live through our own experience. These experiences will provide the individual with the knowledge and skills that will enable him to integrate into society as a useful and productive citizen.

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